By bats | November 25, 2012 - 5:42 pm
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…and not just because I’ve met Bob Weber, Jr., and he could probably seek me out and smack me upside the head if he had a mind to (he lives in the same greater metropolitan area that I do).  I’m currently slogging through Life of Pi, by Martel Yann, in anticipation of seeing the new movie.  Part of the story takes place in the Pacific, where a cargo ship with a load of zoo animals sinks in a storm: the hero of the story, Pi Patel, must share a lifeboat with a huge tiger.  And here, not only is Slylock in the midst of a vicious storm at sea, but today’s “How to Draw” features a tiger.  A TIGER, people! Is this like Kismet, or Brigadoon, or what?!?

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