By bats | August 3, 2008 - 8:15 pm

Or maybe not. Anyway, I loved Mark Trail when I was growing up because it was just like “Wild Kingdom” (well, without Jim Fowler being squeezed to death on a fairly regular basis by an anaconda, all the while being cheered on by Marlin Perkins) — they were about ANIMALS, and I just loved animals!

Of course, the years pass, I discover The Comics Curmudgeon and people of similar humorous bents. Maybe it was Red Greenback’s surreal combining of two Sunday episodes of Mark Trail and Rex Morgan, M.D., or maybe it was DAS speculating how Mark would explain MRSA (I think it involved a talking beaver).

Whatever the inspiration, thanks to those two gentleman: speculating like that can’t be left languishing!

(A side-note, not that you care: my first mashup of Rex Morgan and Mark Trail just happened to be with each other. Go check out “Ducklings? What Ducklings?” to see some hot flannel-on-khaki action!)

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