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When Brooke McE did A Midsummer Night’s Dream, did he screw with it as much as he’s doing with Romeo and Juliet?  Big fights missing, Prince Paris suddenly a major character, no sign of Mercutio and Tybalt, etc.  I’m thinking that frolicking with a comedy is a lot easier than dealing with a tragedy, since his strips are mostly humorous (well, that’s what we’ve been told), so using one of his stock character that will die (according to Will) may be hitting a little too close to home.

I think, if the casting process is still going on, that Mercutio and Tybalt should be played by Solange and Edward, sinct Tybalt refers to himself as “the Prince of Cats.”  Well, that’s what Will says.  Maybe he’s just a beefwit. As are we all beefwits.

New Pibgorn

[I hang my head in something sorta like shame to admit that I find Paris hot.]


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