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(And we’re not talking about Mary Worth’s newest venture into hip lingo of the times.)

UPDATE!!!:  Believe it or don’t, Rex (yes, REX!) appears to be willing to get jiggy wit’ it! And not even Sarah can cockblock him or kill his buzz…Rex is a playa! (not to be confused with a playa, which is a large, flat piece of earth that might contain a thin layer of water during a desert’s rainy season)

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During the whole “Queenie and the Tramp” storyline, while Adrian Cory falls further and further for con-man Ted, Mary has been mysteriously absent.  When Adrian needs counseling, she turns to her father!  Mary only reappears after Ted has been apprehended and Adrian and Jeff’s long conversations have resolved Adrian’s fears — clearly trodding on the toes of What Mary Does Best.

Where has Mary been? Detox? An extensive Meddleholics Anonymous retreat? ‘Nam?  To give the grand old dame her due, however, Mary attempts to insinuate herself into the mop-up operations of Adrian’s unhappy affair. (Note how Mary uses modern jargon, like that ultra-hip “wow.”, to lure Adrian into a false sense of security.)

Nevertheless, once Mary is “back on the scene,” it’s all meddlin’ business for her!  Then again, could we expect anything else?

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Rex. June. Bed. Bikini. Hero. Primary. Secondary. Colors. Sheer. Cover-up.

Monday Update:  Fish cakes. Snuggling. Touching. All on Sarah’s bed.

The verdict: HAWT!

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I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to write a ghost story, write a ghost story.  The ghost can be the main character, or one of the more interesting characters, but it’s clearly a ghost in a ghost story.

If you want to write mainstream fiction, write that.  Babies are born, children grow up, people grow old and die.  Die. They go away. (That’s what “die” means.) This would be okay if it were a ghost story, because ghosts are usually considered to be dead people (vampire are the undead, but I digress).  But if it’s mainstream fiction, there’s really no place for a ghost, particularly one who sticks around forever and is at least as much of a presence as the other “main” characters.

Some writers get it.  Some don’t. Guess what kind of writer Batiuiuiuiuik is.

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…or weird, earnest looks, either!

When we last saw our intrepid he-men, they were celebrating Judge Alan Parker’s retirement.  I like to think (just because this little mashup needs a back-story), that Randy Parker realizes how easily friendships can fade away, and he resolves to keep them strong! (And he gets bored having lunch with Sam Driver all the time.)

Panel 3 is the original: expression, words, bold type, you name it.  Panel 5 is a paraphrase of the original, with Rex asserting to Sarah that we have to help other people “…now more than ever!”, accompanied by Rex’s icy-blue stare of sincerity.  I swear, it was like a PSA for, um, something!

Update or something…: I couldn’t leave Randy & Co. at the Fern Grille without using yet another fabulous Rex reaction shot.   After this little soiree, Randy’s eating lunch at Subway.  Alone.  From now on.

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Oh, gee whiz!  Adrian evolved a spine in a week,  but she might not make it to the weekend to potentially procreate with another vertebrate.

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aka, Adrian snaps!

This can be distilled to a single panel, one that we all can appreciate:

Or even made into a parlor game!

CC’s Baka Gaijin supplies even more speech bubbles for getting Mary off of Adrian’s case amusment and entertainment:

“Eeek! Nosfaratu!!

“Nurse, please page the Infection Control officer. This lady hasn’t washed her hands since her last meddlegasm.”

“Outta my place, toilet face!”

“I need a young priest and an old priest. STAT!”

“Beeeeeeeeeeeeep! Sorry, Mary, I gotta go. Someone’s dying. Someone who can’t be meddled back to life.”

“Damn, this smock goes right into decontamination. I just got it from the cleaners.”

“Maybe if I ignore it, it’ll go away.”

“A famous man once said, ‘Mary, you misguided ignorant slut.”

“I’m all verklempt!”


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…good thing June opted for the three-day cruise rather than the seven-day one, huh?

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I tend to save certain comic strip panels “for later”–you never know when you need a June Morgan O-face,  or a Rex-sitting-on-a-bed illustration, or a Giant Squirrel, or an Abbey Spencer/Daisy Dukes reference.  These were three panels that were hurriedly cut-and-pasted into a file and forgotten for a few days.  Looking at them, the little tete’-a-tete” between Sarah and Rex just wrote itself.

(Rex’s expression in Panel 3 still freaks me out…)

And now back to the exciting plot.  It seems that Rex and Sarah’s come-to-Jesus talk is drawing to a close…

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Stalwart, square-jawed, straight-shootin’ Rex Morgan.


And then he opens his mouth.

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