By bats | November 18, 2009 - 12:38 pm
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So Billy’s bitching about something or other that Dolly’s doing.

Who cares, Billy?  You little weasel, always tattling on some minutiae  that no one (not Mommy, not Daddy, not Barfy, not Mr. Wilson) gives a rat’s ass about.

Maybe you need to raise the bar on your whining.


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By bats | November 17, 2009 - 2:39 pm
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A new Rusty Trail shot! How exciting!

Possibly even too exciting…Mark explains:


Did someone say “Early Christmas“?!?  You bet!  The 18 November strip — no talk, all action!  Mark goes after the gator with a tree branch and Bob the Reformed Poacher saves Sassy!


Of course, I simply cannot leave well enough alone…


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By bats | November 16, 2009 - 11:52 am
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It doesn’t get much better when you can just superimpose one element of one comic into one panel of another…


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By bats | November 15, 2009 - 2:36 pm
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Baldo (yeah, I don’t read it either) has been doing fairly regular PSAs for diabetes prevention and control:  Papi (Baldo’s grandfather, I think) has it, and his granddaughter keeps offering him helpful advice.

One tidbit was to laugh and keep in good humor, and so Granddaughter invited over some of the “funny neighbors”:  Ziggy, Hagar the Horrible, Jason Fox, Lio and his squid Ishmael, Broomhilda, Herb (or Jamaal).

Oh, the potential laff-riot there.

(Dean Booth’s take ( ) was to invite a better calibre of neighbor:  Lio, Ishmael and Jason made the cut, but they were joined by Rat, Agnes and Alice Outerloop.  Definitely a better party…)

Still, the whole Exercise Thing is really stressed in diabetes management, so I figured Papi needed some of that, too:


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By bats | - 2:26 pm

…when Mom took her Daughter shopping (in Europe, no less!), and Dad and Son went on adventures!

Considering the topic, maybe Dad and Son should’ve opted for the shopping trip.


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By bats | November 14, 2009 - 11:47 am
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Everyone disses Rusty Trail.  His ears. His gap-toothed smile.  His wide, guileless eyes.  His boundless, goofy, “gee whiz!” energy.  His naming his puppy “Sassy.”

Maybe it’s a good thing that he lives a rather isolated life in Lost Forest — after all, where would he fit in?

Mostly to capitalize on yet another classic Rusty panel, but also to throw the little scamp a bone, Rusty discovers his life ambition at an early age:


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By bats | November 13, 2009 - 5:20 pm
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Mark Trail? Oh, you betcha!

Still, there’s enough of the little rascals for everyone. Bob Weber, Jr. even had a lesson for drawing a raccoon with its lunch.  Okay, Bob gave his raccoon a nice fish, but raccoons are omnivorous and pretty darned cosmopolitan in their tastes:


Fish may be good, but nothing beats a good stink bug.

(B. Racoon is the resident representative of the Family Procyonidae over at The Comics Curmudeon.  He is quite the bon vivant.)

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…but she’s as dumb as a post and doesn’t deserve mention (aside from Keep your freakin’ hands away from your freakin’ eyes, you dumb-ass!).

And this is a representative but rather conservative number of times DOCTOR Adrian Cory has touched and poked herself and/or others in the past four weeks’ worth of strips (one week being fairly absent, as Jeff Cory was schmoozing with the comatose Scott).


Anyway, the tedium in this current story can’t even be salvaged by comically-flailing limbs.  It seems that each and every plot point (e.g., Mary telling Adrian that her talking to an unconscious Scott was the reason he awoke) that might take one day’s strip to convey is being padded out into three or four.  Sure, the epileptic hand gestures are amusing, but they’re getting old.



I don’t think this could be helped even by full-body interpretive dance.

Moy and Giella, please please please move on.


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By bats | November 10, 2009 - 3:02 pm

I think Kit needs to take a few more weeks and really think through the implications of moving his family out of the boonies and into the big city.  OTOH, this might be the most entertaining thing since The Beverly Hillbillies.


I like The Phantom well enough, but you have to know how freakin’ ponderous the plots of MW, RMMD, JP and yes, even MT are going when I do two Phantom mashups in a row…sigh.


Oh, yeah…and “Bye, kids! I’ll send you a postcard! Promise!”



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By bats | November 8, 2009 - 12:44 pm
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To quote Josh Fruhlinger directly:

The throwaway panels in today’s Mary Worth, meanwhile, offer a special subliminal treat: the mention of Willa Cather in the first panel made me briefly wonder if one of the tubes that Adrian was fiddling with was Scott’s catheter. “Okay, now, this line seems fine. How does it feel if I jerk on it like this?”

Of course, that’s just comedy gold.

Or some shade of yellow…


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