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I’ve appropriated Dean Booth’s (what? you’ve never been to Dean’s website! fie! go over there now! I mean it!)  “Deathcat Friday” theme.   Just because it’s too good to pass up.


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Okay, this is Friday.  Please, if there is a God, the Love Story of the Ages will end tomorrow, and Sunday’s big splashy comic will be Mary recounting “all’s well that ends well” to anyone who’ll listen to her at the almost-the-end-of-summer-but-not-quite Charterstone pool party.  (Meanwhile, Charley will be masturbating behind the privet hedge.)

All which means: time to use those last stilted panels of Lawrence and Delilah planning for their future (which, given Lawrence’s long-time two-pack-a-day, three-martini lunch habit, should be about six months)!


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Margo has returned home to Apt. 3-G, after losing her one true love Eric in a crevasse in Tibet or Timbuktu or the Andes (there were lamas or llamas involved).  Lu Ann has returned from East Dakota.  Rather than dwell on the death of Eric, Professor Poppycock suggests to Tommie that they remember Eric’s unflagging, derring-do spirit, like helping the Tibetan freedom cause and courting Margo.

Oh, yeah. That’s why you’re a Professor, right?


I have to admit, though, nothing is more fun than when it’s just the three gals together — no smarmy old goat, no confusing boyfriends. (Ruby can stay. Her killer bows rock!)


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Let’s see what’s happening in Lost Forest:

Barrels of toxins dumped…perpetrator found…perp shot by real perpetrators…perp-turned-victim taken to hospital by Mark…Mark returns to the scene of the crime…


real perp loses way in forest…Mark and Andy find him…perp shoots at Mark in a tree and misses…perp shoots at Mark on a ridge and misses…okay, you’re all caught up:


Faithful CCer buckyswife has become quite philosophical (and not just “feel-good” philosophical like Lawrence McChopra, either) about some of the more esoteric aspects of Mark Trail:

As some have noted, The Man Who Tried to Warn Joey Williams looks a lot like… Mark.

So is this the Star Wars moment, when the elder Trail, who veered from good (nature writing, punching hirsute villains) into evil (wearing orange, using his gun as a communications tool), reveals his identity? “Mark…. I am your father, Mark…..”

Of course, the news won’t send Mark into an existential crisis, a downward spiral of self-doubt and depression. No, he’ll just say, “Holy mackerel! What are you talking about?” and forget about the whole thing by the time the pancakes are on the table for dinner that night.

Maybe buckyswife is being a little too critical of Mark’s abilities (or inabilities) to think.  Then again, maybe not:


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What is it with these two?  Are they Hawaiian? Did they meet at a school for the blind?  That their caresses are pretty much weird taps and touches is just downright creepy.  Morse Code for Luvahs…


And I’m going to stray again from waiting for the next day’s dot-dot-dash-dot installment:


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Remember them? Rex Morgan? Judge Parker Mary Worth? Before sobering storylines like Alzheimer patients and potential nursing home problems? Or Hollywood starlets being stalked by paparazzi? Or all the freakin’ talking that no one cares about?!?

Pardon me while I wax nostalgic…


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You know what bugs me about Lawrence (besides everything, I mean)?  His hands.  It looks like he’s always invoking God, or offering Communion, or trying out for the Santa Royale Easter pageant production of “The 1o Commandments.”  What’s the deal, Larry?

Or are we just missing that elusive, last panel?


And now, you, too, can join in the fun!


The hallmark of the comic strip “Garfield Minus Garfield” is removing Garfield from the panels. It’s strangely funny and definitely surreal.

CC’s own AeroSquid puts a new spin on this with “Garfield Minus Garfield Plus X”.  And you thought you’d never have a use for high school algebra! Just add an animal, vegetable or mineral and let the fun begin…

…only I’m not sure what category this fits into.


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All right. Fine. Delilah is all growed up now and is devoted to Lawrence forever an’ ever.

So why do we have to waste an entire Sunday strip on the pumpkin-colored decor in Lawrence’s hotel room? Did he get a discount rate because his suit matches, and the front desk mistaken him for a hotel executive? And, if that had been the case, would Lawrence have been honest enough to correct the error?

Eh, who cares?  I’m more interested in how Mary and her Posse view the result of her latest meddling gig:


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If this is the end of the storyline, why the *&$#*$ is it taking so long?  Really, Moy and Giella, it was a lot more entertaining watching Charley putting the moves on Delilah rather than Lawrence basking in the glow of a mindless audience that probably does a lot of post-2 AM ordering of merchandise on the Home Shopping Network.

I’m really hoping that the plot is NOT a tidy wrap-up of Twue Wuve bringing Delilah and Lawrence together.  Boring and unrealistic (but we are talking about Mary Worth, aren’t we?)…


Hmm, I’m not even interfering (for once) and a lot of Lawrence’s facial expressions and comments seem anything but exuberant at the prospect of Delilah “dropping in” at his conference/seminar/snake oil pitch.  Could be his naturally detached personality.  Could be trouble in Paradise.

Me? I’m hoping for the latter.


And it goes on and on!  I swear, if I heard some clown warbling Rogers and Hammerstein in a hotel corridor, Security would be up there in a minute.

Fortunately, it looks like Delilah might soon have *things* well in hand.



Meanwhile… CC’s Darrenh noticed the foreshadowing of Events to Come with Lawrence sensuously sliding the key card into the lock.  He wasn’t the only one:


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Josh, The Comics Curmudgeon himself, got a huge shout-out in the 12 August 2009 Pearls Before Swine strip.

So, let’s mash it!  (The first four panels are exactly how the 12 August strip appears…pretty darn cool.)


And anticipating the metric buttloads of new visitors to Josh’s site, faithful CCer Sequitur thoughtfully created a Newbee Quiz so everyone can get on the same (comics) page quickly:

Hi (from Hi & Lois) uses a computer program to do his taxes. He uses
(a) Bat Taxer
(b) Tax Bat
(c) bats :[

Mary Worth makes a delicious treat for all the residents of Charterhouse. It is
(a) Onion circles
(b) Salmon squares
(c) Dingo balls

In Pearls Before Swine there’s a character that resembles a goat. He is called
(a) Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong
(b) Goat
(c) True Fable

There was a pet raccoon in Mark Trail. It’s name was
(a) Wolverine
(b) Sneaky
(c) buckyswife

Curtis’ brother, Barry, pisses into a
(a) hide-a-head
(b) toilet
(c) commodorejohn

Liō has a pet
(a) shop
(b) squid
(c) AeroSquid

If raccoons are not careful they could get
(a) bent
(b) chained to a log
(c) Joshed

There was once a discussion on this blog concerning goats. What part the the goat anatomy was discussed?
(a) horn
(b) teat
(c) Poteet

Of course all the answers are “(b).”

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